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A Critique Of Two Concerts Essays - Johann Sebastian Bach

A Critique Of Two Concerts Music is one of the most unique performing arts due to the way it has evolved. Styles and melodies considered unfit in one era are displayed prominently in another. The two concerts previewed in this report have two different and distinct techniques. The first performance that I attended was a symphonic concert playing a mix of contemporary and early 20th century works at Carnegie Hall. The second performance was an organ recital highlighted by the by the live performance of Bach's most well known pieces. Hopefully this term paper will objectively and subjectively critique and compare the two performances. An orchestra is a collection of a variety of instruments usually consisting of brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion sections. In the concert at Carnegie Hall, the music was abundant in tone color and a variety of pitches and moods. While the Bach music played by the organist could only demonstrate one type of sound, the multitude of instruments at the conductor's disposal can flood the listener with a variety of sound. The key pieces of music performed were Music for Violin and Orchestra by Maazal and Symphony No. 1 in D major by Mahler. Maazal's piece pits the virtuoso, Maazal, against the entire orchestra. It seems to be a sophisticated concerto with the violinist and the orchestra dueling with each other. Unlike Baroque music, the mood changes constantly, at one moments the violin conveys a tranquil image only to be shattered by the dissonance created by the orchestra. While Toccata and Fugue in D minor is a piece of absolute music, Maazal's music is program music. The main th eme is sort of a violinist's journey and struggle with the much more powerful monster-like orchestra. Objectively, the odd notes from the percussion coupled with the frequent use of low tone color instruments (e.g. bassoon, bass) created tension. The trills provided by the virtuoso and the strings section displayed a tension reserved only for the shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho. The dynamics of the piece are deliberately arranged to convey images of peace and fright. When the virtuoso plays his violin for a requiem of the world it knew, it plays in a soft, whimpering manner. On the opposite is the tension created by the orchestra as it goes through a crescendo. Not only does this increase the tension, but conveys the image of a monster running after the hero as it drowns out the violin due to its increase in volume. In both cases, the music would not be Baroque. The dynamics of the music (e.g. crescendo) would not be allowed in Baroque while the changes in mood from soothing to homicidal would be a violation of the Baroque spirit. Maazal's music is clearly 20th century music. Mahler's music, on the other hand, is much more difficult to understand than any other piece heard in class, concert or home. The long melodies and abrupt shifts in meter and melody are jarring. Moreover, while the symphony elicits feelings of a funeral, the only requiem it plays is the one for the listener's interest in his music. In short, the symphony is overly long and tedious. It is not as entertaining as the struggle of Maazal's violin versus the orchestra. While the symphony tends to be boring it shares many of the same characteristics of Maazal's music, 20th century music. The key characteristics of 20th century music differ from those of the Baroque period. First, there is a variety of tone color provided in the music. In Maazal's ?Music for the Violin and Orchestra? violins, flutes, basses and even bongos are used to create images such as a ferocious monster. Moreover, the music played in this piece had dissonance and consonance, another important feature of 20th century music. While Baroque and Renaissance music does not use dissonance extensively, Maazal and Mahler use dissonance as a major tool in developing the music. In the final part of ?Symphony No. 1 in D major?, the music shifts abruptly from C minor to D major. The monstrous orchestra in Maazal's music uses unstable chords to convey a horrific beast. In addition to this changing melodies and rhythms are another characteristic of 20th century music. The rhythm and

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Boston Bottles Essays

Boston Bottles Essays Boston Bottles Essay Boston Bottles Essay Boston Bottles Data Modeling Problem Draw an REA diagram with cardinalities and tables with primary keys, foreign keys, and non-key attributes for the following business: Boston Bottle (BB) buys and sells a variety of glass and plastic bottles nationwide. The proprietor of the company assigns each glass and bottle to an inventory type and assigns a unique # for each type (a type can contain numerous glasses and bottles). An individual sale or purchase can consist of multiple types of inventory. Inventory types are not tracked until they are purchased and put in a warehouse. A warehouse can have many inventory types, but it doesnt have to have any. An inventory type can be found in more than one warehouse. Customers are not assigned to any particular salesperson: anyone can service them (a relationship is not needed). However, vendors typically deal with one and only one buyer, unless the buyer quits or leaves the employment of BB, in which case the vendor works with a different buyer. Buyers do not have to work with any vendors, if they just started, but they can work with many vendors. Each sale or purchase involves just one BB employee: a salesperson or buyer, respectively. Sales and purchases are only for inventory. These two types of employees are tracked in separate database tables. Customers and vendors are added to the database without any transactions taking place (including being assigned to a buyer in the case of a vendor), however they can be involved in many transactions over time. Each employee fills out one timecard each week, therefore each timecard belongs to one and only one employee. The timecard allows the employee to get a paycheck on the last day of the following week. A separate check is written for each timecard and is made out to only one employee (or vendor in the case of a purchase). Timecard #’s for each employee change from week to week. Employees get a timecard immediately when they are hired. The employee in payroll who collects the timecards and the cashier who distributes the paychecks are not modeled in the database. Cash receipts and cash disbursements are from one and only one cash account. New cash accounts are added to the database when they are opened with a deposit. Sometime after this checks can be written from them. Employees are added to the database on the day they are hired (but before they are involved in a purchase or sale, or involved with a vendor). Cash accounts can have many receipts and many disbursements. A single purchase must be partially paid for immediately and the remainder can be paid within 30 days. However one check cannot pay for more than one purchase (just as one cash receipt from a customer cannot pay for more than one sale). The only payment terms BB has for a customer is to pay immediately in cash in full. Only one vendor or customer is involved in a transaction, however cash receipts and disbursements take place within other cycles of BB. All employees can be involved in many of their respective transactions over time. Here is the data of interest: Inventory type # Sales invoice # Purchase order # Vendor quality rating Remittance advice # Customer # Buyer employee # Vendor name Date buyer started working with vendor Salesperson employee # Timecard # Hours worked per employee per pay period Inventory type description Purchase date Salesperson commission rate Inventory type selling price Total sale dollar amount Sale date BB Check amount Cash account # Total cash receipt amount Quantity of inventory type in warehouse Cash account balance BB Check # Customer name Customer address Buyer telephone # Vendor # Warehouse # Warehouse location Quantity of an inventory type sold

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Questions and answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Questions and answers - Essay Example This has brought about globalization. The World Economic Forum is mentioned adversely in the article, and this is an indication of globalization in the sense that various companies and world leaders on a global scale have come together so that they are able to chat on the way forward in business operations. This brings out the aspect of foreign trade that has brought about globalization. The author has also outlined about information technology. There has been mention about social media through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and you tube, and mobile telephony and how these have enhanced globalization by connecting people all over the world. The anti-globalization movement was protesting about the negative effects of corporate capitalism. This movement emerged before the global financial meltdown of 2008 according to Tanjka Kovac, a human rights lawyer. About a year before the September 11 attacks, the World economic forum (WEF) was meeting in New York at the World Trade Center and Crown Casino. Thousands of people appeared in the streets marching in protest of the corporate capitalism. This mass warned that corporate capitalism was going to have ill consequences because it was being applied in excess with no control. They were extremely dissatisfied with the trend the world was taking in terms of being too capitalist, hence, masses stormed to the streets to try and pass the message to the delegates who were in attendance at the summit. For example, they argued that many well performing brands continued to exploit people in third world countries so that they would earn profits. Technology has influenced global social movements because, through technological advancements, people are connected and messages about globalization are easily spread. Through mobile telephony and online means, people are connected all around the year. As a result of this, it is now possible