Thursday, November 21, 2019

Questions and answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Questions and answers - Essay Example This has brought about globalization. The World Economic Forum is mentioned adversely in the article, and this is an indication of globalization in the sense that various companies and world leaders on a global scale have come together so that they are able to chat on the way forward in business operations. This brings out the aspect of foreign trade that has brought about globalization. The author has also outlined about information technology. There has been mention about social media through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and you tube, and mobile telephony and how these have enhanced globalization by connecting people all over the world. The anti-globalization movement was protesting about the negative effects of corporate capitalism. This movement emerged before the global financial meltdown of 2008 according to Tanjka Kovac, a human rights lawyer. About a year before the September 11 attacks, the World economic forum (WEF) was meeting in New York at the World Trade Center and Crown Casino. Thousands of people appeared in the streets marching in protest of the corporate capitalism. This mass warned that corporate capitalism was going to have ill consequences because it was being applied in excess with no control. They were extremely dissatisfied with the trend the world was taking in terms of being too capitalist, hence, masses stormed to the streets to try and pass the message to the delegates who were in attendance at the summit. For example, they argued that many well performing brands continued to exploit people in third world countries so that they would earn profits. Technology has influenced global social movements because, through technological advancements, people are connected and messages about globalization are easily spread. Through mobile telephony and online means, people are connected all around the year. As a result of this, it is now possible

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