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Week 12-business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Week 12-business - Essay Example The range of values of satisfaction for the variable can range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 15. The chi – square is test for significant difference in satisfaction between gender and majors. The hypothesis tested by the chi-square is to determine whether different samples are different enough in some characteristic. b). The statistical test to be used in the case is probability test. The variables are gender which is a dependent variable and majors which are independent variables (Weisberg 2005). The probability test articulates that there is no interaction because there is an intersection among the three majors (finance, accounting and management) among the male and female. /e) where 0 is observed data and e is expected data. The variables are gender which is a dependent variable and the majors (finance, accounting and management). If the chi-square value obtained is larger than critical value at any chosen probability fault threshold, then data presented statistical significant correlation between the variables that are used in the test (Walker & SAS Institute2010). In regression -0.3 to 0 shows a weak spread, 0 to 0.3 shows a moderate spread of data along the regression line and above 0.3 shows a concentrated spread about the regression line. So 0.3 shows a moderate spread around the regression line. Kurtosis is the measure of skewness. A zero kurtosis is mesokurtic, a positive kurtosis is leptokurtic and negative kurtosis is platykurtic. Therefore, kurtosis = 0.3 is mesokurtic which is a normal distribution. Durbin Watson statistic has values from 0 to 4. Where by value 2 show no autocorrelation in a sample selected. Any value approaching 0 shows positive autocorrelation while 4 shows a negative autocorrelation. So in this case d=0.3 indicates a positive autocorrelation. Shapiro – wilks w is a measure of normality of random sample. For instance if the value of p is more than 0.05 then it assumed to have a normal distribution

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